Tulku came into our lives a month or so after Dexter’s death.  We didn’t think we wanted to get another dog so quickly, but just a week after his passing I found myself searching for puppies on the internet.  I hadn’t planned on doing that, but so much for plans.  We were being guided along, as usual.

I looked at photos of gorgeous dobermann pups, but my heart wasn’t in it.  We have always had dobermanns and love the breed for their great hearts, beauty and intelligence, but they are not a ‘natural’ breed.  Our dogs all came from excellent breeders, but there is no better breeder than Mother Nature.  Dexter had many health issues in his senior years and pure breed dogs just don’t seem to live as long as their mix-breed cousins….and we are on the path of returning to the wild after all.

Still, I went to the woods where I’d spent a lot of time meditating since Dexter died and he is still very present there.  I asked whether he gave his blessing for us to get another dog so soon, which he did.

Tulku’s mother is pure dobermann, two and a half years old and very sleek and beautiful.  This was her first litter, having been enticed by a very cheeky border collie just 13 months old. The litter had only been advertised three hours earlier and the puppies were just two weeks old at the time.  We drove four hours to Oviedo to see them when they were three weeks old so that Tulku could claim us.

His name came to us a few days later.  The word Tulku popped into my mind and when I looked it up I had no doubt why.  According to wikipedia:

Tulku (Tibetan: སྤྲུལ་སྐུ, Wylie: sprul sku, ZYPY: Zhügu, also tülku, trulku) is an honorary title given to a lama recognised in Tibetan Buddhism as reincarnate, either by physical resemblance to an enlightened being or through connection to certain qualities of an enlightened being.

Tulku is now three months old and a real charmer, although feisty too.  He has a dobermann physique with border collie colouring.  He looks very much like Izzie and they are very close.  Riley has accepted him too, even with her grumpy grandma moments.  He is definitely his own dog with his unique teaching methodology and he has passed the tulku test.





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