Goodbye Grandma

Tulku took Riley’s death hard too.  He tried to get her to play and pawed at her as she lay in her grave before we buried her.  He spent the whole of that day and most of the next sitting by her grave – heartbreaking.  He didn’t understand what had happened to Grandma and he was grieving.

He thought she had left because of something he had done or not done. He asked me: why didn’t she love him enough to stay?  Was he not big and strong enough?    Riley taught Tulku how to play without going for the jugular, which is his natural instinct.  He was a little shit winding her up so that she would growl and snap at him when she wanted to rest, and for him it was a great game.  He thought of her as a mate and for her he was a little whippersnapper to be knocked into shape if he was going to be Dexter’s successor, but they played hard together and loved it.

He is still confused and, just like Dexter was after Kiss died, reluctant to take on his new responsibilities.  He sat in the woods and watched us working in the food forest, ready to run down if needed, just like Riley taught him.  Then today, izzy took him off to play.  He is still just a year old and he will bounce back quickly.

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