In 2003 Dexter came into our lives and opened the door to a magical realm in which everything is alive, reflective and responsive.  At first I thought he was just a dog, a very special dog, but nothing more.  Over the years I came to see that he was my teacher, wise, humble and patient beyond my understanding and that I was a very slow and arrogant student.

He taught me that ancient dogs and wolves did not come in from the wilderness to give up their freedom and become domesticated dogs just to be with us human animals and our fire and security. They are here to help us remember freedom and to guide us back to the wild and to our true selves.  Dexter’s mission was to guide us out of an ordinary life and into Gaia’s Dreaming, which he did with the impeccability of a natural shaman.

Dexter died on a hot and sultry afternoon on the 6th August 2014.  He crossed the greatest threshold of transformation without fear,  so that I could share this story.  I loved him very much. Our heart fields synchronised perfectly when we sat together and we experienced unity when I hugged him. It is tempting to focus on the fact that this will never happen again, but that would be to discard his teaching and fail as a student. I can still feel the love we shared, even without the physical touch. It is the very experience of separation, as dog and human that enabled us to experience the unity of love. And now that he is no longer here in the physical I know that love transcends death. I still love him. I still feel the warmth of that love melt my heart when I remember the beauty we shared. It is only through this cycle of life and death that we can know the Truth that Love is without form and therefore Eternal.

We shared an incredible adventure and I want to share it with anyone who can open their mind and heart to the possibility that their dog might be their teacher too – as requested by Dexter and all our brothers and sisters in the dog shaman collective.

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities: Truth isn’t.”  Mark Twain

Dexter inviting me to follow him into the woods.

Dexter inviting me to follow him into the woods.







2 thoughts on “Dexter

  1. Stephanie Ainsworth

    I absolutely resonate and love this blog entry! I honor Dexter for the teacher that he was and you for being the willing and listening student. I have had many dogs in this lifetime, with two of them standing out from the rest. The first, Tacoma, was a Siberian Husky who was my companion and teacher for 11 years. That soul taught me much and offered me my first lesson in true grief with his passing. I believe he has returned once again in my current dog, Dunbar, a Newfoundland. The eyes tell me I have recognized them before, even from prior lifetimes. A true companion, friend, guardian, teacher and as you say, emissary from Gaia. I have been taught patience, stillness, unconditional love, protection and yes, how to be and return to our wildness and oneness with the Earth. Dunbar is a beautiful specimen, some would say a handsome dog, like Tac before, though I choose not to objectify him or inflate my own ego through pride of ownership. I see beyond his physical prowess. I see his heart. Our bond transcends owner/dog relations, even parent/dog-child relations. He is my living guardian and mobile link to Gaia. A connection that transcends time.

    In Her Dreaming,
    Stephanie Ainsworth

    1. yolanda Post author

      Hi Stephanie – I’m missing Dexter today. Something about the day is unsettled and I’m missing his strong presence and thought I’d write something. Yes, it is a form of therapy and it does make me feel better, but your words have moved me to tears and release. Thank you. Yolanda


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