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I’ve just read a wonderful book called Straight from the Horse’s Mouth, by Amelia Kinkade. Amelia is a celebrated animal communicator and her book explains the exercises and practices she uses and contains many anecdotes of validated communication. All animals are telepathic, including dogs, including humans. We have just forgotten how to use our telepathy and I say this from my own experience.   I got so wrapped up in my telepathic communication with Dexter, that I more or less forgot about communicating with our other dogs and forgot the reason why this is all so important!

It is an amazing experience to be able to communicate with our animal friends. It can be traumatic too and Amelia is very clear on that point. She makes clear that the extent of your ability to communicate with animals correlates more or less directly to you ability to withstand pain and suffering, because as you drop the barriers to communication you receive more information and a lot of it is hard to bear. As a species we are not kind to animals and many animals are crying out in anguish and despair and often there might be nothing we can do to relieve their suffering. So why open up your awareness to something you can’t do anything about? Like Amelia says, “If not you, than who?” Sometimes we can help. She explains techniques that are like fire-fighting, going in, locating the problem, fixing it as best you an and getting out as quickly as possible so you can live to fight more fires another day!

But it isn’t just about helping them.  I could write a book just on what I learned from Dexter regarding natural healing and that would barely scratch the surface of what he taught me. Healing was just one of the layers we needed to work through, like removing layers of dross hiding a shining pearl of wisdom. Dexter led me to Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom. You could also call Her Mother Nature, or just nature or life even, because we do not exist beyond Her atmosphere. In so doing, he showed me that the reason for communicating with non-human animals is not just to help them, which is a good enough reason in its own right, but because they can teach us how to get our own lives back on track.

As human animals we have a great weakness for self-delusion, it is the flipside of imagination. So we can convince ourselves that life is good, never noticing how trapped we are; living in a box, working in another one, watching the box, listening to a box, talking into one, eating out of yet more boxes, popping pills out of little plastic boxes and eventually being buried in one! To live so cut-off from nature is not without consequences and we have become sick, weak and scared. Our natural instincts have become dull and we cannot take care of ourselves anymore. Most of us do not know how to grow our own food, build any kind of rudimentary shelter, or take care of our basic health needs. Is this progress?

It is a monumental task to find our way out of this sorry mess and we have enemies actively working against us, but we also have the animals to guide us. When it comes to his or her needs and or desires an animal does not question whether he should or shouldn’t, whether it’s right or wrong or what anyone else will think about it – he just does it, or not! And after he’s done it, or not, he doesn’t spend any energy worrying about the consequences or judging himself. In other words, animals live wholly in the present moment. We can learn a lot from just observing them, but what about asking their advice?

Here’s one example: a year or so ago, I met Vasco.   Vasco was playing up a bit, breaking out of his field and chasing after a neighbour’s donkey. It didn’t take any special skills to work out that he was lonely and horny! Javier, Vasco’s owner, invited me over to have a chat with him and Vasco was as clear as anything. “I need to work with people, young people and the land. I am a therapy horse, but I don’t want to work with very sick people or very young people. I am here to teach people how to work with the land.” Vasco’s breeder told Javier that Vasco was a special horse when he bought him. Vasco knows about the land and how to work with it that we don’t and he wants to share.  That is very exciting!  Sometimes it might take a while for the path to emerge, but animals are very patient. Vasco now has a new friend, a neighbour’s daughter who is very sensitive, training to be a vet and also speaks fluent English. I think we might do something together with Vasco and some other friends next summer – maybe with Oscuria too.

Then there’s Izzy. I only have to think about getting the flea spray out and she runs away. It is impossible to pretend with her. Dogs are very accurate mirrors of our feelings and our true intent. They know if we lie to them even if we don’t know we are lying to ourselves. I remember how that feels. As a child I always knew when adults were lying to me, but I never knew why. It was many years later before I realised that they often didn’t know they were lying either. People are so used to repeating what they have been told, often with good intentions, that they lose sight of what is true. When we speak the truth our hearts, voice and mind are in alignment and we are vibrating with intent and dogs always respond to this energy.  They also let us know when we aren’t in alignment, by running away or ignoring us.  There are no bad dogs, but there are many owners who are not present in their own lives and this is what their faithful dogs are consistently reflecting back at them.

Communicating with animals telepathically involves recognising and decoding vibrations.  Everything is energy and every thought, every feeling has a vibration that is perceptible beyond our normal senses and we all decoded these vibrations without a second thought when we were children – until we were told that it was ‘just our imagination’.  Like imagination has no value, neatly stifling our faculties of telepathy and imagination in one swipe.  In reality, we still receive telepathic messages many times throughout the day.  (You thought those ideas that came into you head were your own?)  Animals never stopped communicating telepathically and when we enter into this world with them we bring back the magic and promise of our childhood.

Vasco and Javier

Vasco and Javier

The Tulku Test

The Tulku tradition comes from Tibetan Buddhism.  The Tulku, most often a young child, is considered to be the reincarnation of a previously self-actualised and revered person – a ‘holy man’ within the Buddhist tradition. The logic behind the system is that an accomplished being reincarnates as a Tulku to continue the dissemination of knowledge from his previous lives.  As an accomplished being he is able to access experiences from previous lives, which are retained in his ‘mindstream’

We ordinary mortals are considered to be unable to access information from past lives because we are stuck in the cycle of rebirth according to the karma of our unenlightened lives.  Hindus get multiple rides the wheel of birth, death and rebirth too. But if you are a Christian, Jew or Muslim you only get one go, before getting ‘judged’ and summarily dispatched to eternal heaven or hell.  All religions have nicely constructed control mechanisms to make us follow a set of rules with the promise of reward or retribution after death. If there was no ‘after life’ of any kind they would have had to invent it, because there is no evidence of a consistent reward system for good behaviour or punishment for the horrors that many humans inflict on each other and other living creatures every day.

However, the tulku test provides some evidence of reincarnation. This is one description of how a tulku is identified:

“The identification of a tulku was portrayed in the film Kundun, where monks disguised as peasants arrived at the future Dalai Lama’s home when he was a child of three years old. The monks were following clues provided by the thirteenth Dalai Lama — dreams, or information provided by oracles to find candidate children. Once children are identified they are examined for special marks or signs and their parents interviewed in regards to their moral character. Finally, a test is provided where the young child must identify items that belonged to his predecessor, picking them out from similar items. If he can do this correctly, he will be designated a tulku.”

The Quest for the Dalai Lama by Arnie Kozak, Ph.D.

For hundreds of years tulkus were always Tibetan, but since the 1970s they have been showing up on the west. According to Andrew Rawlinson, a former lecturer in Buddhist Studies at Lancaster University in the UK, writing in Global Buddhism  there are now about a dozen fully recognised western tulkus. One result of this expansion is that what goes on in the monastery no longer remains in the monastery and credible accounts of sexual abuse and corruption are emerging from Buddhist citadels, just as they are from other religions. See Kalu Rinpoche’s story here:

What if there are many tulkus in the world, but we just haven’t known to look for them or recognise the signs? I don’t think the Buddhists have any monopoly on tulkus or reincarnation. We are all animals on this planet after all. Our puppy Tulku, also passed the tulku test. His predecessor Dexter, an enlightened master for sure, guided us to him when he was less than three weeks old and even gave us his name. Dexter didn’t have any possessions, being a dog, but on the first day after we brought him home, when he was 6 ½ weeks old, Tulku ran straight over to Dexter’s grave, grabbed a pebble and brought it to me and dropped it at my feet. A couple of weeks ago, Izzy lost her collar playing out in the food forest. I went went out there with Izzy, Riley and Tulku to look for it and I said to Riley, “Go find Izzy’s collar.” Riley started looking around, but she didn’t know what she was looking for and barely was the though formed in my head, “If Dexter was here……..” because Dexter was the finder. He would find lost balls on the common, lost keys, even lost souls it turned out.  And then Tulku ran up with the collar in his mouth.

But I was still grappling with the issue of how could Tulku here now be Dexter reincarnated, while I am still talking to the Dexter who was here? I asked Dexter to answer this question for me and he came up with the answer, “We all have doubles.”  I’ll be exploring that issue in a later post.


Message from the Other Side

One early morning in late October, Dean was out on the common with Kiss and I was enjoying a lie-in with Dexter, when I felt some one take my hand and lift me out of my body. I don’t know whether I was asleep or awake, or somewhere in between, but it didn’t feel strange or frightening at the time. This being, and I knew he was a man, took me high enough to see the curvature of the Earth and there we hovered. As he held my hand I felt everything he was feeling; warm sun and rain on my face, laughter, orgasm and I thought, “Wow, is this was it is to be dead?” And for a moment I wanted to stay there, before I realised what that meant and came crashing back to me bed.

I had the frantic urge to scribble something on a scrap of paper to hand, before my eyes could even focus. Then I woke up. Oh my God. I had just wished myself dead! Why had I done that? I knew something had happened. Something had changed forever and I didn’t know what it was.

Dean came home to find me in floods of tears.  That’s not like me.

“What happened?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I just wished myself dead. Some one visited me.”

“Who visited you?”

“I don’t know. I think it was a dream, but it wasn’t.”

Dean understood ‘bad dreams’. I’d had terrible nightmares that woke me up screaming when we first met. He held me in his arms and I calmed down. Then I remembered the piece of paper.

“I wrote something down.”

I went to get the paper and scrutinized my illegible scribble – not great at the best of times. I explained to Dean what had happened and began to decipher the paper. It was clearly a poem, but it meant nothing to me.

As we sat there bemused, the phone rang, and instantly I knew what had happened. All the pieces came together like a holographic jigsaw puzzle and my mind was clear and silent. I had no doubts about what had happened and strangely, I had never felt more certain of anything in my life. It was our close friend Mandy on the phone and we had what must have been the strangest conversation of her life.

“Yolanda, something terrible’s happened. There’s been an accident and we can’t come to    your party.”

(We were having a birthday party for Dean in a couple of days.

“Mile’s best friend Greg died in a car accident in Cape Town last night.”

“Yes, I know.”

Silence. An audible intake of breath on the line.

“What do you mean you know? How do you know?”

“He visited me.”

“Who visited you? Greg? How could he have visited you? What do you mean?”

Her voice was getting squeaky and she was on the verge of getting angry and I had to spit it out.

“I can’t explain it Mandy. I have no explanation, but I have never been more certain of anything in my life; Greg visited me early this morning and he gave me a poem for Miles.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Said Mandy. “If it was anyone else apart from you I would tell them that they were full of shit and hang up. But why you? Why did he come to you?”

The only answer I had to that question was that I was the closest person to Miles who was open-minded enough to be able to receive the message.

We agreed that I would post the poem through their door later that morning and they could decide what they wanted to do. Mandy didn’t want Miles to get more upset than he already was and I assured her that I didn’t think the poem would do that. It was a message of comfort.

Miles and Mandy came to our party and Miles flew out the following morning to Cape Town for the funeral. He read the poem at the funeral and Greg’s mother came up to him after and asked him where the poem came from. Miles reluctantly told her. “Oh,” she said. “The same thing happened to me.”

This event threw me into turmoil; I had to abandon everything I thought I knew and start again.  A person who was dead had spoken to me very clearly. I had no doubt about that, no matter what my rational mind said. That feeling of knowing something with absolute clarity, that no one had told me and that I hadn’t perceived with my normal senses became my navigator. Within a couple of months I had left my job and begun my journey of exploration.

It was years before I realised that this event took place just a day or so after Dexter came to live with us. Did he open the door to the Other Side? More importantly, where exactly is this door?

Greg’s Poem

So here we are again my friend

Once more on distant shores

Beyond the reach of wire and web

My wandering is now done


I am here

My toes sink in the sand as

My gaze melts the snow on distant mountains

My fingers brush through the trees in winter

And you feel me in your shiver


And I know you are there

My light will burn forever in the rising of the sun and

The glow of exertion on your skin

You’ll hear my voice in the siren’s wail and

Feel my love in the smell of autumn


And share my song

Because I am everything and everywhere

At home in Heart’s desire